On August 7th, 2008 we set out for the
Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, CA to take
part in the start of the 2008 Gumball 3000.
Our part as a display car in all U.S. locations,
let us experience the whole rally, parties,
meeting great people and having a
unbelievable experience!
Our trip took us 3,100 miles with overnight
stops in San Francisco, L.A., San Diego and
Las Vegas.
Last stop, the Hard Rock Hotel &
Casino in Las Vegas
The start in front of the Fairmont
Hotel in San Francosco.
Cars on display in San Francisco.
The stickers that almost killed me,
its harder then you think.
On the way to San Francisco, on
display in Elko, NV.
Cars lining up on Hollywood Blvd
in West Hollywood.
Oh no! K.I.T.T. is broken!
Almost missed  the plane to China!
Interior of K.I.T.T.
Jaguar XJ 220 owned by
Maximillion Cooper.
The Enzo Ferrari at the racetrack
Carrera GT at the track
Who would guess that the old
Firebird on the side of the road
was actually an original K.I.T.T.
used in the T.V. series Knight
On display at the Hard Rock Hotel
& Casino, Las Vegas.
Gumball Party at Wasted Space,
Hard Rock, Las Vegas.
What the F*#$@!, the Hard Rock
actually has this room, and we
have to stay in there?!
Start Day, view of a foggy San
Francisco from the Fairmont Hotel.
Much more on the way!
In 2006 the only way we knew
where to go was because of
In 2008 even with GPS to help the
"Navigator" we still could have
used some help!
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